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The Fillmore girls soccer team won the Section 5 Class D1 championship on Oct. 30, beating Marion 4-0 for its second title in the last three years. The Fillmore boys also finished off their D1 championship on Oct. 30.

It was a sweep by Fillmore’s soccer teams as both the girls and boys won Section 5 Class D1 championships this past weekend.

The Fillmore girls won Oct. 30, beating Marion 4-0 for its second title in the last three years. The Eagles, who are unbeaten on the season at 19-0 and rank No. 3 in the New York State Class D rankings, met D2 champion Batavia Notre Dame the night of Nov. 2 in the state qualifier.

For the boys, during Oct. 29’s D1 final against Arkport/Canaseraga, the weather was an issue. Ankle-deep puddles and a monsoon of rain reduced play to being unrecognizable.
But thanks to some quick thinking by officials, the game was postponed after 30 minutes of play in Geneseo and moved to Saturday, Oct. 30, at Houghton, allowing No. 2 Fillmore (17-2) to knock off No. 4 Arkport/Canaseraga 2-0 with their talent and skill.
But for the first 30 minutes of the game, taking place that Friday night, the weather set the tone.
Due to clogged drains surrounding the turf field, players shuffled up and down the turf field attempting to connect passes with a ball practically floating on the field.
“It was it was like the great flood out there,” Fillmore coach Jamie Mullen said. “Everyone was mystified how a turf field could suddenly turn into a swamp.”
Both teams took the intermission to dry off and regroup. And despite the game’s result, Mullen admitted he had worries about his players feeling hangover effects from Friday’s ramp-up and first 30 minutes of intensity.
“Everyone was so keyed up for a sectional championship game,” For the kids particularly, they’ve spent their whole life sort of dreaming about this one night and then suddenly it’s there and the emotional energy, both good and bad, you know, kind of literally just fizzles,” Mullen said.
The Eagles did quite the opposite, much to the delight of Mullen. Over the final 10 minutes of the first half, Fillmore did not allow possession to leave Arkport/Canaseraga’s half, setting the tone with their abilities, instead of allowing the weather to do so.
The Eagles went on to outshoot Arkport/Canaseraga 7-2 in the second half, which included two goals.
Brent Zubikowski scored his 10th of the season off a free kick from Eben Schilke. Minutes later, Nooradeen Muzaid-Omar netted his sixth of the season on a helper from Graham Cahill. Mullen described Muzaid-Omar’s goal as “one of the most spectacular shots he had ever seen.”
“He took a 40 yard clear, trapped with his foot at the 25-yard line, took one step to his left and just crushed it up into the upper 90 on the right side,” as Mullen described it. “I mean, it was one of those goals that you could watch 100 times and you’d be amazed every time.”
Next for the Eagles was a matchup with the D2 champions Finney the night of Nov. 2.