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IRVING — As the JC Seneca Foundation enters its second decade, Seneca Nation business owner J.C. Seneca has announced the kickoff of a yearlong calendar of good health events aimed at extending the foundation’s impact. 
With the creation of the foundation in 2012, Seneca’s mission was to advance healthy living in body, mind and spirit for the people of the Seneca Nation and surrounding communities.
Since then, the foundation has become an integral part of the WNY Community through sponsorships of charitable programs and initiatives, and partnerships with G-Health Enterprises and Harmonia Collaborative Care, all of which have promoted health care and mental health services for people of all ages.
“Today’s health and care challenges can be overwhelming,” Seneca said. “It’s not only the physical and mental suffering. It’s the associated medical care costs, which for many are impossible to manage even if they can somehow afford health insurance.”
Seneca said he wants to expand the reach of the foundation to issues that are at the root of health problems before they become life-threatening.
Each month of 2022, the foundation will offer community events that will provide information and guidance about nutrition, preventative and holistic treatments and health care options in ways that are more accessible to people who otherwise have no access, Seneca said.
The events begin Jan. 11 with a COVID-19 booster pop-up at Seneca’s Native Pride Travel Plaza on the Tallchief Territory from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The pop-up will be administered in partnership with Dr. Raul Vazquez and his G-Health/GBUAHN Enterprises Medical Practice.
Free COVID testing is already available on the Tallchief Territory with the schedule posted at
“The JCSF Good Health Plan will include the February announcement of a major health care partnership, aimed at bringing much-needed medical services to the Cattaraugus and Allegany territories and surrounding communities,” Seneca said. “The following monthly events will offer preventative education and care for diseases and conditions that persistently threaten the wellbeing of Native and all people. The events will take place at my Tallchief Territory Native Pride Travel Plaza and will be open to the public.”
Full details on the good health plan and monthly event updates will be announced and available at